Seminar Pedagogical Media Theory and Game Based Learning (WiSe 2008/09)

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Luhmann "Kommunikationsmedien"

Communication - Luhmann

Apparatus of Communication - Brecht



Comparing Piaget, Bateson und von Foerster

Games and Play

Game Based Learning (Bibliography)

Kurt Squire (Quotes)

What defines games, toys, playing? (Quotes)

Games as simulations


Basketball a simulation of life?

Why do we play?

Bateson's learning types transfered to playing

Examples for systems

Games as propaganda

Nora Hanne on educational gaming

Using off-the-shelf games in class

Game rewards and addiction

The Logic of Failure by Dietrich Dörner


Game Design

Educational Game Design

Collaborative Games

ARG - Alternate Reality Game

Tinkertoys and microworlds


Hypertext games and adventures

Examples and Student's Works

The Luhmann Quiz

The diceman - you are not only yourself!

Rolelaying game concepts

Second life - Game Communities on the web

Three Learning Theories - Three MiniGames

Rock'n Roll Guitar Notation Learning Game (Michael)

"Stop the Press!" A Game in Second Life (Eva, Joni, Noora, Gerard, Ville):

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